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Integrative Mental Health Care

Dr. Kachko has developed the only program of its kind to help you assess and treat your mental health condition. Combining functional internal medicine assessment with mind-body medicine techniques such as Somatic Experiencing, Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Biofeedback we'll come up with a complete plan to get you feeling better. 


A central tool in the ancient system of East Asian Medicine, acupuncture has been shown to be tremendously effective in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.  Acupuncture is completely painless, and most people fall asleep during a treatment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A form of guided meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy is an excellent evidence-based way to break through old thought patterns that are preventing you from living your best life. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and patients are always in full control of the session. 


While life is supposed to be all about balance, sometimes we have difficulty being resilient in the most difficult situations. A special form of biofeedback based on heart rate variability allows us to equip you with tools to stay resilient no matter what life has in store. 

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