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Take back your life from chronic pain today.

Dealing with long-term pain can be a huge challenge. You're not alone. Schedule a visit in Stamford, CT or virtually today.

The only way to effectively address pain (in a way that will last) is to take a comprehensive approach. Together, we'll figure out what has been causing your pain and address it from multiple perspectives. We combine the latest treatments for pain with traditional methods that have thousands of years of proven efficacy. 


An effective, evidence-based way to be free of pain. Treatments may include electric stimulation, cupping, and other effective therapies. 

Mind-Body Therapies

It is possible to train your brain to be pain-free. Cutting edge science shows us just how important techniques like clinical hypnotherapy and targeted mindfulness can be for long-term relief. 

Manual therapy

Hands-on techniques can go a long way in restoring the body's ability to be free of chronic pain. Getting back to normal movement of your musculoskeletal system is essential to recovery.

Lifestyle Change

Get the help you need to figure out your personalized plan for healthy nutrition, restorative sleep, optimized digestive function, and appropriate movement.


You're unique, and so is your body's response to pain. We'll work to understand why it is that you've experiencing your personal challenges and find ways to reverse those causes when possible.

Coming Soon:

Dr Kachko's Book on dealing with Chronic Pain

Why is it that some people experience long-term chronic pain, while others don't? Is it our genetics? Our lifestyle? Just plain bad luck?

Dr. Kachko has written Pain-Proof to clear up much of that confusion. The book takes a comprehensive look at what it takes to develop a body and brain that are resistant to the experience of chronic pain. 

The complete book and program are coming soon, but you can begin your Pain-Proof journey now by signing up below to get access to Dr. Kachko's recorded webinar on the topic.  Signing up today also ensures  "early bird" exclusive book access.

Take the first step in taking your life back from pain:

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Not sure if an Integrative Pain Management approach is right for you?


These days, there is so much misinformation out there that it can be confusing to figure out what the best treatment might be for your situation. It's important that you're comfortable working with every provider on your healthcare team, and that you feel heard and understood. For this reason, I've opened up a number of FREE consults on my schedule to give us a chance to get to know each other. 

  • Have you been to all kinds of doctors already? We're different!

  • Worried that Acupuncture might hurt? It doesn't!

  • Not sure of the cause of your pain? Let's discuss!

  • Not sure where to start? Click below to schedule a free consult with me. 

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